Atlassian End User License Agreement

This document outlines the terms and conditions under which you’re allowed to download and use our software application, which we refer to as the “Software”. This agreement adds to the Atlassian Marketplace Terms of Use and establishes a legal contract between you, the user, and SynthScript Inh. Christoph Kretschmer, the software owner. By downloading, installing, or using the Software, you are agreeing to these terms.

License Details
SynthScript grants you a limited right to use the Software, which is revocable, non-exclusive, and cannot be transferred or sublicensed. You must use the Software strictly according to this agreement. SynthScript may change, pause, or stop the Software or its services anytime without notice and may also offer updates or enhancements occasionally. You won’t receive support from SynthScript under this agreement unless specifically stated otherwise. Your right to use the Software depends on your adherence to this agreement.

Responsibilities and Restrictions
You are responsible for:
· Getting and maintaining necessary equipment and services to use the Software.
· Managing licenses for external services used with the Software.
· Legally using and transmitting data to external services.
· Keeping your equipment, services, and login information compatible and secure.
· Any information or data you share using the Software.
· All consequences related to the use of the Software, including compatibility issues with third-party products and unauthorized use.

You must not:
· Sell or share the Software or its codes.
· Allow others to use the Software without SynthScript’s written permission.
· Try to uncover the Software’s source code or create derivative works.
· Remove proprietary notices or disrupt the Software.

SynthScript aims to respond to support inquiries within five business days via the provided email address.

Intellectual Property
SynthScript or its licensors own all intellectual property rights in the Software. These rights are licensed, not sold, to you, and they end when this agreement does.

Warranty and Liability
SynthScript does not guarantee the Software is error-free and disclaims liability for third-party products used with the Software. The Software is provided “as is,” without any warranty.

You agree to protect SynthScript against any legal issues arising from your use of the Software or failure to follow this agreement.

Data and Privacy
SynthScript handles personal data according to its Privacy Policy.

Changes to the Agreement
SynthScript may update this agreement and will try to notify you if your rights are significantly affected. Changes apply from your next renewal period, and you can opt not to renew if you disagree with the updates.

Term and Termination
This agreement remains until you or SynthScript ends it. SynthScript can terminate it with notice, and it will automatically end if you violate its terms. You can also end it by deleting the Software and all its copies. Upon ending, you must stop using and delete the Software.

Severability and Miscellaneous
If part of this agreement is invalid, the rest still applies. No partnership or employment is created by this agreement. SynthScript can transfer this agreement without notice. Communication should be via the provided email. This agreement is governed by German law and any disputes will be handled in Achern, Germany courts.