Plugins for Atlassian products

Developing plugins for Atlassian products involves creating add-ons that enhance functionality, streamline workflows, and improve user experiences across platforms like Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket. 

TileMenu for Confluence

TileMenu transforms Confluence menus into customizable, interactive tile grids, enhancing navigation with visuals, emojis, and direct subpage access.


You can find the user manual here:

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Easy UML Editor for Confluence

Simplify UML Creation: Effortless Diagramming for Confluence Teams. Perfect for software developers and project managers, it simplifies complex diagram creation.


You can find the user manual here:

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Deprecated products

Embedded websites for Confluence (Server)

This plugin lets you embed external websites into Confluence pages using the HTML iframe tag, requiring no “X-Frame-Options” on the target site.

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Tiles for Confluence (Server)

“Tiles for Confluence” enables colorful tiles creation on pages, linking to wiki pages or external sites, with font-awesome icons integration. Includes single tile, tile container, and auto-generates tiles for subpages and spaces, filterable by labels.

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